Friends at Fifty: An Introduction Post


Hello party people! This being our first post, we decided to tell you about our recent dealings and such. Hard days at work, relationship confusions and overall having fun times together.

Nothing much has been happening, we’ve seen Black Panther (LOVED IT πŸ˜€ ) went to eat and have been mostly relaxing. Margaret is having a 3 day vacation to Knox Berry Farm (without me!? Well I never!) while I spend some time with my daughter.

This is a short first post of an update, so expect separate post from both of us soon.

Until we meet again friends.

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Well tonight I’m feeling kinda 🀑silly so I’m gonna share some pics of me at 53 yrs old. Just loving life and the journey that my Almighty God has in store for me. Β And in the meantime while I’m enjoying life, I try to workout when I’m in the move to. Sometimes to lazy but that’s the joy in being free to do what you want. And those diets well you know. I do just enough to maintain. And trying not to worry to much about it. I mean if that’s your thang more power to you. Thank you JESUS for this day. AmenπŸ™πŸΎ

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